Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Great Karate Myth Documentary

The Great Karate Myth presents 30 years of research into the Chinese forms brought to Okinawa by some of the early pioneers of Karate. These forms (kata) became the source material which Karate was originally developed from into the empty hand art practised globally today. The research led by Nathan Johnson and documented in several publications (Zen Shaolin Karate, Barefoot Zen and The great Karate Myth) has passed through several distinct phases, altering its course as various discoveries were made and new information was aquired.  In this documentary we will show that the forms and techniques sourced in the creation of specifically Goju-Ryu and Uechi Ryu (Naha-te) were originally concieved to be practised and applied with weapons (In this case Sai). The film will break down the function of the forms, context and environment for use, how and why kata were developed and the purpose they serve in cultivating skillful use of the Sai. It will also be clearly demonstrated why kata and forms practise serve as a poor vehicle for empty hand fighting and self defense. Our aim is to make this film available for free online and two types of DVD available with extra material. the standard DVD will contain the documentary plus the bonus film "Kusanku - A Work in Progress, and the Expanded edition will contain the bonus film plus interviews and an instructional presenting the complete breakdown and application of the kata Sanseriu with the Sai.